Design is a commitment to making products and services accessible and inclusive for everyone. As a UX Designer, I am deeply aware of our responsibility in a world increasingly driven by technology. My journey in the health tech sector has been deeply intertwined with advocating for the LGBT+ community, striving to bring more inclusive and tailored care based on their unique needs. Data increasingly shows how the lack of inclusivity and adequate support in clinics leads people from the LGBT+ community to avoid seeking care altogether, posing significant challenges for their overall healthcare.

In this talk, I will delve into the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence in revolutionizing healthcare UX, exploring both the challenges and opportunities of integrating AI in healthcare, especially for enhancing patient care in a way that is both effective and ethically sound. A significant part of the discussion will center on the concept of human bias, particularly gender bias in healthcare. Drawing from my work with LVNDR Health, I will examine how existing biases might evolve with the introduction of AI technologies. This talk will emphasize the importance of an ethical approach to design and development, ensuring that AI systems work towards dismantling, rather than perpetuating, existing biases.