Kaisa Kauppinen

Kaisa Kauppinen is a seasoned design professional having worked within basic industries to mobile and software businesses over the past 25 years. Her passion is in deep customer understanding, user research and delivering delightful product and service experiences. Today Kaisa Kauppinen is devoting her time on leading and doing human-centric design within social welfare and healthcare […]

Andrea Grigsby

Andrea Grigsby is a Product Designer passionate about improving patients’ health outcomes through innovative and user friendly digital health products. With a BSc in Neuroscience from UCLA, she combines her design chops with her health sciences background to craft experiences that harness the power of behavior change. She has worked on a variety of B2B […]

Bre Gentile

Bre Gentile, better known as Dr. G, is a pioneering force in UX design and research, holding a doctorate in psychology and specializing in trauma-informed methodologies. As the founder of Dr. G’s Lab, she leads transformative projects focusing on creating safer digital spaces, particularly for youth and youth-serving adults. With a profound understanding of human […]

Lanre Jerry-Ijishakin

Lanre Jerry-Ijishakin, Senior User Experience Researcher and Customer Experience Accessibility Designer at Emids. Lanre leverages her 10+ years in healthcare to ensure digital health products are usable and accessible for all. She also shares her expertise as a part-time professor in Algonquin College’s Human-Centred Design Program. Lanre believes in harnessing technology to improve well-being, and […]

Sadek Elfezzani

With a diverse background spanning multiple design disciplines, Sadek Elfezzani brings a holistic perspective to the world of product design. He thrives on integrating various design disciplines seamlessly to craft innovative and user-centric solutions. He aspires to deliver delightful experiences that not only meet user needs but also drive business success. When he’s not designing, […]

Natalia Fitak

Natalia, a UX Lead from Dubai, UAE, paints the world of healthcare design through a colorblind lens. With over a decade in UX, and the last three at Aster DM Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare providers in the UAE and GCC, she proves daily that good design enhances usability and saves lives. Believing deeply […]

Rittika Basu

With 5+ years of experience, Rittika is a designer, speaker, author and an Imagineer. She believes ‘Good Design’ is a service/product that solves problems, improves lifestyle and enhances user satisfaction through innovation as well as optimistic intervention. Currently, she is the Senior Visual Designer at Merkle, a Denstu Company – A Dentsu Company on connected commerce, […]

David Marák

David is a leading expert in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, holding cryptography and computer science degrees. He has been actively involved in the field since the early days of Google Cardboard and the prototypes of augmented reality. Five years ago, he co-founded Yord Studio, which has since expanded worldwide and is now recognized as […]