Rethink immersive experiences with Conversational AI

As we look ahead to the future, toward some version of a ‘metaverse’, more attention than ever is being paid to the opportunities of immersive tech. Now AI technologies like ChatGPT offer the chance to interact with virtual beings/generative agents in a hyper-real, but astonishingly natural way. The pace of these changes means we now […]

Ethical AI in Healthcare UX: Personalizing Care with Responsibility

Design is a commitment to making products and services accessible and inclusive for everyone. As a UX Designer, I am deeply aware of our responsibility in a world increasingly driven by technology. My journey in the health tech sector has been deeply intertwined with advocating for the LGBT+ community, striving to bring more inclusive and […]

Empathy in Action: crafting accessible UX for seniors and the IDD community

Emphasizes the importance of empathetic, user-centric design in healthcare technology. This talk presents the development of a Telehealth service ecosystem that addresses the specific needs of seniors and individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). It showcases the journey from concept to implementation, underscoring the challenges and solutions in creating accessible and effective digital health […]

The Power of Patient Stories to Improve Healthcare

The sharing of patient stories is a powerful tool for improving healthcare. They help us to understand the many factors that can influence a patient’s health seeking behaviour and treatment decisions, including their personal beliefs, cultural background, and financial resources. Patient stories help clinicians to better understand their patients’ needs and perspectives, and raise the […]

Jess McKenna

Jess is passionate about designing experiences to make people healthier and happier. As well as leading the product design team at Push Doctor, a fast growing Health Tech start-up offering online doctor appointments for private and NHS patients, Jess is now in her second health tech start-up venture leading the design and research function for […]