Flora MacLeod

Flora MacLeod

Flora is the Design Director for Healthcare and Life Sciences at IBM UK. Using her experience in UX Design and User Research, she leads large design teams delivering healthcare, health data and life sciences outcomes across the UK and Europe. She is also an Honorary Research Fellow at Loughborough University, and guest lecturer at University […]

Dennis Lenard

Dennis Lenard has 15 years of experience in the design of medical interfaces, including medical software, devices, web applications and even mobile apps. At Creative Navy he leads a team of design experts and champions the approach of evidence-based design. He has worked on hundreds of projects, from ideas started from scratch to complex systems […]

Georgia Petroutsa

Georgia Petroutsa (she/her)  is a Clinical UX/UI Designer with a background in Community Psychology (BSc, MA) who loves solving user problems. She helps companies transform the user experience for both employees and customers, especially in Healthcare settings. Her passion is to empower communities to live longer, healthier and happier lives with human-led design solutions that […]

Gioia Arieti

Gioia is an unorthodox millennial who transitioned early on from economics to design. For the past 4 years, by day, Gioia Arieti worked in digital transformation for large companies with a strong human-centred focus. For the past 4 years, by night, she has been working on creating Wide Time, a new time unit inspired by Space. In May […]

Dr Avi Mehra

Avi Mehra

A medical doctor by background, Avi is an Associate Partner and the Clinical Safety Officer for Healthcare & Life Sciences at IBM. He is also the Co-Founder of Doctorpreneurs, a not-for-profit organisation and one of the world’s first and largest communities for medical innovators and entrepreneurs. Avi is an experienced healthcare technology leader working at the intersection of clinical, […]

The Goldilocks Zone of Digital Health: Getting both Security and Accessibility Just Right

Users of digital health tools require a uniquely high standard of security and accessibility, but these two critical features sometimes conflict. Secure experiences require more friction, while accessible ones require less. Is there a way to design a secure and accessible digital health experience that is “just right?” My work at multiple healthcare organizations (CVS […]