Dr Scott Marin

Dr. Scott Marin is an emergency physician and dynamic healthcare leader specializing in process design, in situ simulation, and point-of-care ultrasound leadership. With a rich background as the former Chief of Emergency Medicine in arctic Nunavut, Canada, he spearheaded innovative projects. This included leading development of remote critical care tele-health programs, and partnering in a […]

Susanne Feldt

Susanne has been in the design field for more than 12+ years. She loves her work as a user experience designer. It’s holstic and challenging. She focusses on the user, their behaviour, and how to improve business processes. The design process is usually iterative – by using agile methods, user research, rapid prototyping, and testing. […]

Bao Nguyen

Bao Nguyen is an experienced design thinking expert with more than seven years of driving innovation across various industries.. She has collaborated with industry giants such as IBM, Oetker Digital, Henkel, and Kleinanzeigen. Holding a Master’s degree in Business Informatics, Bao excels in developing user-centric digital products and enhancing the functionality and user experience of […]