Sonali Verma

Sonali Verma is passionate about designing patient-centered healthcare systems. Sonali has been working within the healthcare industry as a User Experience Researcher (UXR) for the past six years. As a UXR at Google Health, she collaborates with product teams, clinicians, and partnered health systems to design AI diagnostic services that aim to increase access to […]

Mitchell Silva

Mitchell is CEO and co-founder of Esperity. By providing technology to understand patient profiles better, Esperity personalises education that suits patients’ needs better. Based on his experience by working with various stakeholders in the health system, Mitchell co-authored a book on patient engagement for the life science industry. He also is a patient expert, participating […]

Ewout Nijman

Ewout Nijman is a Principal Interaction Designer from the Netherlands with over 20 years of experience in digital design. He believes that creating a better world is within our reach, and that designers play a crucial role in envisioning and realizing this goal. With a background in architecture, Ewout transitioned to UX design, specializing in Interaction […]

Andreea Popescu

I am a senior UX Product Manager at Analog Devices in the Digital Healthcare System group. I have over 10 years of experience in digital healthcare, digital transformation, telecommunications, and business services. My focus centers on crafting impactful strategies and championing user-centric design principles, including human factors, usability, accessibility, and thorough user research. By deeply understanding […]

Anne Stahl

Anne Stahl is a prominent figure in the German healthcare user experience domain, currently leading initiatives at adesso, a renowned IT service provider. With over a decade of experience, Anne’s expertise lies in the intersection of technology and healthcare, focusing on enhancing user experience (UX) to facilitate better health outcomes. Before joining adesso, Anne spearheaded […]

Tabea Daunus

UX Consultant and Medical Devices Usability Expert with 9 years of experience in the UX, Usability and Medical Human Factors industry. Co-Owner of uintent and responsible quality and information security manager. Expertise in formative and summative human factors testing for various medical devices and with different user groups. Conducted projects involving injection devices, surgery equipment, […]

Judit Mora

Judit Mora is the CEO of UK-based health tech startup Nuumad. Having started out London’s biggest healthcare agencies (Havas, Langland, McCann), in 2017 Judit opened her own UX and Product consultancy working with startups and scale-ups, having served on the board of some. She’s delivered her fair share of award-winning works such as a ground-breaking allergy […]

Michelle Ng

Michelle is the founder and product designer of Neuemoon Health, a FemTech startup dedicated to improving care for women with uterine fibroids and endometriosis. With over 17 years of tech experience as a former software engineer and product designer, Michelle is driven by her personal health challenges to empower women, particularly those in underserved communities, […]

Summer Stickney

Summer Stickney

Summer current works at MSD in Prague, Czech Republic as a Senior UX Designer. MSD is a global health care company that delivers innovative health solutions through its prescription medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies, and animal health products. Summer is passionate about simple, clear, and accessible designs that suit the needs of end users. Summer has created everything […]

Susa Horvath

From nursing to PR, marketing, culinary arts, and UX design, I’ve gained insights into people’s needs. Now, I’m happy to introduce ZenZen, our AI-powered companion app. Born from personal experiences and cutting-edge tech, ZenZen offers personalized meal plans and easy logging. Using Generative AI, we provide empathetic, educational communication based on user data, with an […]