Beatrijs Van Hoof

As a (digital) product designer at Panton, designers for healthcare, Beatrijs is passionate about leveraging design to improve healthcare. Her fascination with healthcare design flourished during her studies in industrial design in Genk. After her internship at Philips Healthcare, she graduated at Panton on the design of a smart shirt and app for monitoring asthma […]

Melissa Nguyen

Melissa, a product designer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, blends creativity with healthcare experience to empower patients and professionals. Melissa’s journey, spanning over five years in healthcare and shaped by her upbringing as a child of Vietnamese refugees, has guided her evolution from healthcare advocate to calligrapher, ultimately influencing her current role as a […]

Angeliki Makri

With over a decade of experience in the tech industry, Angeliki Makri leads Pfizer’s pioneering efforts in experience design. Specializing in integrating AI and intuitive interfaces, she crafts transformative solutions customized for patients, HCPs, and hospitals. Through a multidisciplinary approach, Angeliki is committed to reshaping healthcare delivery and optimizing patient outcomes, while deeply empathizing with […]

Antonia Lorz

Antonia (she/her) is passionate about creating a work environment that empowers everyone to develop high-quality, user-centered solutions. As a UX Strategist at Oracle Cerner, she led the development of design and research processes as well as UX training programs, with a strong focus on creating a more inclusive design work culture. Previously, she worked as […]

Danny den Hamer

Danny is a former pharmacist turned software engineer and product manager, leveraging his diverse background to revolutionize healthcare through AI. At myTomorrows, he leads the development of TrialSearch AI, a peer-reviewed, generative AI tool that simplifies clinical trial discovery and access for physicians and patients. With a passion for innovation, Danny showcases how the intersection […]

Dian Wessels

Dian is an accomplished UX leader and designer, currently heading the Product Design team at myTomorrows, a healthtech scaleup in Amsterdam. As NNg-certified UX manager he champions DesignOps and embeds design thinking into company culture. A strong advocate for co-creation, Dian fosters collaboration across teams and departments. Originally from South Africa, Dian was a design lecturer at NWU and managed […]

Dr Alexandra Redmann

Alexandra Redmann is a Senior AI Engineer at, an organization dedicated to Conversational AI and advanced Natural Language Processing, where she focuses on designing and leading the implementation of data-driven AI solutions across diverse sectors. Her contributions enable clients to make use of the full potential of their data assets, optimizing internal processes and […]

Miles Johnson

Miles is an award-winning designer who has spent the last 8+ years, across 4 countries, designing, programming, and researching digital services for brands like IBM, IAA, and the National Museum of African American History & Culture. Currently, he’s an Experience Design Lead for AI & Innovation at MING Labs in Amsterdam, where he leads research-driven projects […]

Valentina Tortosa

Valentina is a passionate User Researcher whose roots in Biology have shaped a resilient commitment to the world of user research. Research is not merely a process; it embodies an intense and persistent pursuit, a deliberate and focused effort to delve into unexplored realms using methodological tools, collecting information, and elaborating and refining hypotheses. In […]

Wendy Johansson

Wendy Johansson is a Silicon Valley founder and product leader who has spent her career building equitable teams and products in tech. Wendy has most notably co-founded and exited Wizeline a global product development company, built a diverse and inclusive UX Apprentice program at Amazon, led a global team of designers as Global VP of […]