Who sees blind people? The UX of being vision impaired in a seeing world

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app for blind people to completely navigate the world with? Probably not. They are already pretty good at doing that. The real problem is that the sensory unimpaired population doesn’t see them. The consequence is social isolation and economic hardship. Let’s try to open our eyes for […]

Designing For Complex UIs

Vitaly Friedman

Not much can surprise you when it comes to interface challenges, doesn’t it? You can design a decent card, a well-rounded accordion and an exquisite hamburger navigation. But what if there are slightly more complex UX challenges ahead of us? How do we make the accessible to everyone around the world? What if you are […]

Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly loves beautiful content and does not give up easily. Born in Minsk, Belarus, he studied computer science and mathematics in Germany. While writing algebra proofs and preparing for software engineering at nights in the kitchen, at the same time he discovered passion for typography, interface design and writing. After working as a freelance designer […]

Redesigning the clinician-experience in Polish healthcare

Over 24 000 medical staff users in 45 hospitals and 20 clinics. Countless functionalities in a 20-year-old interface, with ever-changing requirements. How to design a data and actions heavy interface, that should be nearly transparent and maximally useful? In my talk, I will walk you through the complete design process of a hospital operating system, […]

Designing for Safety in Digital Health

Avi Mehra

In this talk, we will explore the importance of designing for safety in digital health and how organisations can adopt and embed a safety first approach to digital health solution design, thereby helping reduce the risk of such solutions causing harm to patients. We will draw on our extensive experience in digital clinical safety and […]

Dr Avi Mehra

Avi Mehra

A medical doctor by background, Avi is an Associate Partner and the Clinical Safety Officer for Healthcare & Life Sciences at IBM. He is also the Co-Founder of Doctorpreneurs, a not-for-profit organisation and one of the world’s first and largest communities for medical innovators and entrepreneurs. Avi is an experienced healthcare technology leader working at the intersection of clinical, commercial […]

Design for national-scale health services

Flora MacLeod

The NHS App launched in 2019. It has 30 million users, it is the #1 Healthcare App in the UK and is the digital front door to all NHS services. There is a design team of nearly 50 designing over 30 services that sit within the App. Hear from the Design Lead and other members […]

Racism and sexism in medical device and service design.

Summer Stickney

Biases and ignorance cause harm to patients. Designers need to create products and services that work on diverse populations. For far too long we have treated a minority of the world’s population as the default. Truly inclusive design is possible if we make it a priority. Woman and people of color deserve medical treatment that […]

The two-sided UX of clinical trials

ForskningNu.dk is a new platform for clinical trials recruitment. We now work on adding participant management and trial planning to the platform to ease the life of researchers and increase participant engagement. I’ll share our case story, major challenges and insights in managing clinical trials.