UX in Government to make right health policy for Covid19

The talk will use #Taiwan as a model of how the government collaborates with citizens to protect covid19 spreading out with user experience research, interview, design, remote testing, and quick delivery. Leveraging the UX strategy and technology is crucial to educate and protect citizens by releasing the policy.

Content is key in the experience of patients

Different institutions are creating content in healthcare. All claim their content is valuable, trustworthy, curated by professionals and essential for the patient. Meanwhile the patient are searching the web for trustworthy, reliable en relevant information. How can we cooperate to make and make sure the patient finds the right content and it is served at […]

The health innovation canvas – a working tool for digital health innovators (Workshop 1)

Healthcare innovation is a tricky beast to tame if you want to succeed, with lots of complexity and many different stakeholders and regulatory processes involved. This tool, based on David J. Bland’s Assumptions Mapping framework, is supposed to help innovators navigate the waters of uncertainty to pursue & prioritize the crucial questions they need to […]