Think like an Astronaut to propel digital transformation through design

During the day, for the past 4 years I’ve fostered digital transformation as a human-centered designer and, more recently, as an organizational change manager for life sciences. While, during the night, for the past 4 years I’ve developed a project called Wide Time, that explores time distortion in long term missions in Space, and I became the […]

Ethical AI in Healthcare UX: Personalizing Care with Responsibility

Design is a commitment to making products and services accessible and inclusive for everyone. As a UX Designer, I am deeply aware of our responsibility in a world increasingly driven by technology. My journey in the health tech sector has been deeply intertwined with advocating for the LGBT+ community, striving to bring more inclusive and […]

Redesigning the clinician-experience in Polish healthcare

Over 24 000 medical staff users in 45 hospitals and 20 clinics. Countless functionalities in a 20-year-old interface, with ever-changing requirements. How to design a data and actions heavy interface, that should be nearly transparent and maximally useful? In my talk, I will walk you through the complete design process of a hospital operating system, […]