Empathy in Action: crafting accessible UX for seniors and the IDD community

Emphasizes the importance of empathetic, user-centric design in healthcare technology. This talk presents the development of a Telehealth service ecosystem that addresses the specific needs of seniors and individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). It showcases the journey from concept to implementation, underscoring the challenges and solutions in creating accessible and effective digital health […]

Designing for Safety in Digital Health

Avi Mehra

In this talk, we will explore the importance of designing for safety in digital health and how organisations can adopt and embed a safety first approach to digital health solution design, thereby helping reduce the risk of such solutions causing harm to patients. We will draw on our extensive experience in digital clinical safety and […]

Get rid of those fictional user personas! Synthesize like a pro.

I have chosen this topic because in today’s world, users’ needs are evolving very fast and we need to make design decisions that meet their needs. Unfortunately, some of us have circled back to using inadequate tools such as user personas to analyse and even visualize our research data which are stereotypical and surface-level information. […]


Based on industry health cases, these methodologies help organisations integrate service design into their agile production work and maximise cross-team collaboration and learning.

How Service Design is helping to eliminate Hepatitis C

In this talk, I’ll demonstrate how Nuom was chosen to work with NHS England (and partners) in taking a patient-centred design approach to solving a population-level healthcare problem, where we uncovered critical insights that would help to create a much more effective service design. Techniques highlighted during the talk will include: Research Methodology – inclusive […]