Duncan has significant experience in enabling people to make more human-centred decisions in the delivery and continuous improvement of services, websites and digital products. For more than a decade, he has spearheaded user experience and service design initiatives with a wide range of organisations including: higher education institutions, government departments, major public services, healthcare services, financial services institutions, global transport providers and membership organisations. User experience brings together his interest in web technologies with his background in social science. His degree is in economics and politics, and Duncan has a particular interest in behavioural science. This helps him understand what makes people tick. He enjoys incorporating this knowledge into his work to improve technology-focused services that need to be more human-centred. Duncan is also an agile-certified project manager, and he has a track record in successfully integrating human-centred approaches with agile ways of working. He is also an SQA accredited service designer, ensuring his work improves people’s wider experience across multiple service touchpoints. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, running and walking to explore new areas.