Healthcare innovation is a tricky beast to tame if you want to succeed, with lots of complexity and many different stakeholders and regulatory processes involved. This tool, based on David J. Bland’s Assumptions Mapping framework, is supposed to help innovators navigate the waters of uncertainty to pursue & prioritize the crucial questions they need to get answered: beyond the familiar three lenses of desirability, feasibility and viability known from design thinking, there is the additional healthcare-specific dimension of effectiveness, supported by evidence and data to prove your innovative solution is actually making a positive difference for patients, healthcare professionals, caregivers or payors. The healthcare innovation canvas brings together the UX & human centered design perspective with the requirements of evidence based medicine. It is a co-production from our collaboration as MD turned entrepreneur (Sven Jungmann) and UX Designer & Researcher (Anja Mayr). We have tried and tested a first Beta version of the healthcare innovation canvas in the past months. Based on our experience in using it, as well as other people’s feedback, we will present the first official version in a hands-on workshop, working through the different sections of the canvas and sharing what we learned so far. We’re curious to hear other practitioners’ feedback and suggestions for improvement!