In a world where the average person has a higher chance of owning a mobile phone than have access to essential healthcare resources, Digital Therapeutics can change the lives of billions of people.

DTx is the latest branch of Digital Health to really take off with a global market value of over USD 3 Billion, and set to quadruple in the next half decade.. The use of DTx has the very real and demonstrable power to revolutionise healthcare, shifting the responsibility and capabilities of medical intervention to the patient. People the world over are slowly being sufficiently empowered to manage their health just by using their mobile phone. During this talk, Dr Gyles Morrison explains how DTx solutions, working in harmony with other digital and conventional healthcare solutions, is preventing, treating and managing disease. He will also highlight key considerations when working on DTx products, including best practice and how to really improve health outcomes and not simply make DTx products just to make a profit.