As part of a large, global organization with headquarters in the US, Jody has seen first hand how end users around the world can be significantly hindered by US-centric product development. At best, they’re confused by internationalization issues; at worst, they’re unable to complete clinical workflows safely and effectively. As Cerner has grown their UX team presence outside of the US, Jody has also witnessed cross-cultural challenges for associates and teams within the company. In order to understand these problems internally and externally, Jody conducted interviews with 55 colleagues around the world. The insights from this data have illuminated opportunities for improving how her team can design and develop products for their global clients, but also how they can work more empathetically and effectively across countries. Jody will share themes from her findings that are relevant for anyone who is working with global teams and/or clients, plus the steps she is taking to drive change in process and culture within her organization.