The sharing of patient stories is a powerful tool for improving healthcare. They help us to understand the many factors that can influence a patient’s health seeking behaviour and treatment decisions, including their personal beliefs, cultural background, and financial resources. Patient stories help clinicians to better understand their patients’ needs and perspectives, and raise the awareness of healthcare issues and risk factors in the general public. From tragic loss to treatment success, patient stories can inform the healthcare decision-making by both patients and clinicians.

By sharing the story of a patient living with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, Dr Gyles Morrison will provide valuable insights into the patient experience, which can help clinicians and healthcare designers to better serve patients. He will highlight the importance of effective and honest communication through various mediums and how they can improve the patient experience. The ultimate goal is to empower patients to take more control of their own health and to achieve the best possible health outcomes. Finally, Dr Morrison will conclude with practical strategies for healthcare designers.