London Conference 2024

11 - 12 April 2024

This conference will bring together designers, practitioners, clinicians, technologists and thought leaders linked by a common belief and a shared obsession: We can alter and improve our health care experience. From the food we eat to the tools we use and the hospitals and hospices we reside in, we can make a difference. We are looking to partner with speakers and sponsors that want to make a difference in Healthcare UX. A better healthcare experience is waiting on us.

Dr Gyles Morrison

Clinical UX Strategist

Dr Gyles Morrison Consulting

Angel Brown



Soraya Petrosillo

Experience Designer

LVNDR Health

Haydyn Phillips

Director of UX


Agata RÄ…czewska

Innovation & Service Design for Healthcare


Duncan Stephen

Principal User Experience Consultant

User Vision

Missy Roode

Director of Experience Strategy

Hero Digital

Maria De La Vega

Director of Design

Digital Scientists

Maria Ines Zelaya

Design Strategist

Digital Scientists

Leemor Yuravlivker

Associate Director of Product Design

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital

Dr Dan Bunstone

Consultant for Clinical Strategy

Etc.Health at BT Group

Jess McKenna

Head of Product Design and Research

Etc.Health at BT Group

Avi Mehra

Dr Avi Mehra

Clinical Safety Officer for Healthcare & Life Sciences


Gioia Arieti

Senior Organizational Change Manager Consultant

BASE Life Science

Georgia Petroutsa

Clinical UX/UI Designer

Bupa Global

Dennis Lenard

Medical GUI Designer

Creative Navy