Long Live Information Architecture

Among the current trends in UX design, one of the most critical and foundational elements is being overlooked — information architecture (IA). Serving as the key to findability and task execution, in the midst of UX’s rise in the medical world, IA maintains its relevance and importance. This talk will review the evolution of UX, […]

Designing Health Systems for Rural Rwandan Communities

Eighty-three percent (83%) of Rwanda’s 12,000,000 population lives rurally outside the capital Kigali. Rwanda’s free universal healthcare system addresses the more immediate needs of the country’s rural citizens via an extensive network of healthcare centres and local community healthcare workers (CHWs) located in villages. Services offered include antenatal care, administering child nutrition programs, and diagnosing […]

Want great UX? It takes a great team!

In healthcare, better user experience can save lives. Want great UX? It takes a great team! Enter Bruce Tuckman’s phases of team development — a model that’s stood the test of time because it remains highly relevant and beneficial. If you are a leader (or aspire to be one), a member of a team (or […]

The design of empathetic healthcare ecosystems – A fundamental survival imperative for developing countries.

The African continent is characterised by a history of colonisation and dispossession, civil war, political unrest, perceptions of immature Governance and volatile economies, that are also characterised by disproportionately economic inequalities in social strata. Healthcare and Education systems, that should be the backbone of emerging economies, are failing to adequately respond to citizen needs across […]

Accessibility in Healthcare

In this presentation, I’m going to talk about why healthcare products need to be Accessible with four major points covering under this section and the process we follow to provide accessible products to customers to give them better experience and confidence to use our products.

How to incorporate vulnerability to make innovation successful.

Going into uncharted territory in innovation & being a trail blazer for your organization isn’t easy when you have to also deliver on results. We are used to reporting successes but innovation also requires us to fail & keep trying. How to then manage the paradox? In this talk I will go through a guide […]