One Size Fits All. Great for Socks, Bad for Digital Imaging Products

GE Healthcare’s imaging products historically were developed solely with input from western institutions. While their goals may be similar, global support needs and workflows for a clinician/radiologist differ. These difference impact the usability and acceptance. This talk will identify key insights and product modifications based on a series of global research trips.

UX Challenges of an ePHR

World is evolving and so are the Healthcare software solutions. Everyone struggles to find the best electronic solution for transferring everything from a written format into an electronic solution easy to use, secure and catchy. This presentation has as main purpose to illustrate what are the challenges, UX wise, from requirement to final implementation cross-platform.

What if your doctor could prescribe an app instead of a pill to you?

Perspectives is an app that delivers cognitive behavioral therapy for conditions like OCD, depression, and anxiety. It is currently under clinical trial towards FDA clearance at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. If its efficacy is proven, clinicians will be able to prescribe it to their patients. What does it mean for an app to go […]

7 Digital innovation opportunities in healthcare

What can digital tools mean for the healthcare organisation of tomorrow? What are opportunities for digital innovation? During this session Floor van Riet (UX Lead) examines how you, as a care organisation, can meet the digital needs of patients and their loved ones in a distinctive way. He will also consider the digital trends and […]

Adventures in Surgical UX

For the last four years, I’ve been collaborating with a provider of a 3d fusion imaging platform for endovascular surgery, working together on evolving the platform through the application of human-centred design method and practice. In this session I’ll talk about how research, interaction design and service design have all played their part in the […]

Inspiring Creativity During Challenging Times

If we’ve learned anything during these past few months, it’s been that flexibility and creativity are essential to the success of our re-defined work. Now more than ever we need to keep pushing healthcare forward and create innovative solutions and adapt for the future. With emerging technologies, a little creativity and the right tools in […]

Bring in the (clinical) experts

When designing for a highly specialized domain like healthcare, you’ll need to arm yourself with a range of clinical experts to inform your decisions. Learn how to select, consult with, and generally make the most of the various experts that can make your team and your product amazing.

Improving Healthcare Environments through Human-Centered Design

Human-centered design is a problem-solving approach that puts people first. It’s widely used in the UX community, and many other fields also stand to benefit from it. Healthcare in particular has a tendency to focus heavily on technology and science, and often doesn’t consider the people interacting with systems or processes – doctors, nurses, patients, […]

From being a doctor to becoming a designer

I will share my story from the pain points of working as a doctor in a resource scarce setting to working in the exciting world of UX healthcare as a product designer at myTomorrows.