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Using a vision to navigate change

Patient aims to help the world proactively manage its healthcare. With the platform, a key challenge is to provide evidence-based clinical information that’s accessible for all. Clearleft and the Patient design team will share how an ambitious vision was brought to life through human-centred storytelling, and how the user experience has evolved in the Patient health solutions ecosystem since.


AI and Machine Learnings are transformative forces in the Healthcare Digital landscape. Relying on the data alone can be risky to the human empathy and end user experience. Discover how you can create a customized experience by combining the forces of the robust algorithm with human interactions. Learn how different human biases can affect the AI results and overall user experiences.

Creating a minimum viable NHS service

A case study on implementing innovation in Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, through the creation of a user-centred remote monitoring digital service for supporting patients with chronic rheumatic conditions.

Designing for patient centricity in a paperless world!

Australia is suddenly moving quickly after a slow burn over the past 10 years in digital Health. Today nearly all doctors and pharmacies can transfer prescriptions via the existing ETP systems eRx and Medisecure. The big issue is the paper script is still legally required by states and Medicare which prevents the true value of paperless scripts being seen by both the pharmacy and more importantly the consumer.

Supporting situational awareness in hospital: UX research integrating AI, NLP and chatbots

Hundreds of thousands of people die each year in hospital from sepsis; costing billions of dollars annually. Patients may show a few subtle signs, and then can rapidly decompensate, making diagnosis and early treatment of sepsis challenging. Detecting those signs quickly, coordinating the response, and acting fast can often be the difference between life and death. We will describe the human factors challenges in a two-year development of an application to support clinicians in situational awareness in patient care – especially focused on those patients at risk for sepsis. We will tell the story of the challenges faced in integrating AI, UX, NLP, Voice Recognition, SMS, and Chat Bots in a hospital environment.

Music isn’t as inclusive as we think — but it can be!

Talents are life’s free gifts to us! Losing a talent that was nurtured with passion can affect one’s life negatively especially if this loss is the result of a sudden and progressive physical disability. Music, whether playing an instrument, singing or composing a melody, is a perfect example of a talent built and evolved with emotion.

Motor disabilities were once the enemy of innovators, but nowadays solutions are always developing. This lecture will shed the light on the developing solutions that aid people with motor disabilities maintain their passions in life and challenge sickness.

Keynote : Connecting Patients to Doctors

Building healthcare that is accessible, dependable and at a fraction of today’s cost!

Founded in 2011, Zava is one of the largest digital healthcare providers in Europe, providing close to 4 million treatments across five European markets.
Zava removes barriers to healthcare by making the process of getting treatment more efficient and convenient. Zava’s online services offer safe, reliable access to healthcare advice and treatment.

Our mobile team has built an app that connects patients to the registered doctors, information and medication they need. By harnessing multiple technologies this new product makes the process of getting treatment easier than ever.
This talk shares the team’s journey and explains how UX, product and clinical staff worked together to broaden Zava’s service offering and ultimately help more people get the care they need.

Panel Discussion