Zane Dickens

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The UX Cycle of Excellence

Throughout their careers and at many milestones during, many UXers find themselves asking questions about how to evaluate and manage their careers and the trajectory of their skills and knowledge. No matter how a person entered the discipline, this has been proven to be a constant state of curiosity. In this talk, Darren will provide […]

Design is key to owning the healthcare metaverse

What shape will the metaverse for the health industry ultimately take? Will it be an ever-expanding, sprawling virtual hospital? Or an infinite number of onscreen interactionsHi between patient and therapist? Will it be a restricted space or one of boundless possibilities? Nobody can predict exactly how this particular metaverse will look, feel and function, let […]

Collapsing the Iteration Loop: Empowering UX with No Code Tools

As UX designers, we’re constrained by dev time. Particularly, when working in low-resource settings. In partnership with a global consortium, we built the Sandbox to showcase digital health solutions and promote the reuse of existing tools. To stop countries reinventing the wheel and wasting these resources. From collaboration to approval to publishing, we did that […]

Conversational AI for the support of clients, caregivers and health professionals

Technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics are leading the way for tomorrow’s healthcare. Conversational AI is one of the technologies that in the future will make the lives of clients, caregivers and healthcare workers easier. It is based on natural language processing and enables written or spoken interaction between humans and machines. This way, […]

Designing for Inclusiveness in Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined how healthcare services are delivered. There is a shift from in-person consultation and paper documentation to virtual consultation and electronic documentation. As a result, healthcare providers, patients, and clients, including many with a range of disabilities, have increased interactions with digital products. These products need to be designed with inclusivity […]

Mentorship: the foundation of a healthy tech industry

​​A brief review of some of the cases of knowledge & technology being lost across history, (EG library of Alexandria) and why this is a significant threat with a rapidly advancing technological landscape. An overview of some of the biology that underlies human development & learning, and how this affects the mentorship landscape. An examination […]

Realize Outcomes through User-Centred Design Operations: A Framework for improving user-centered design inspired by 7 years of enhancements at Novo Nordisk

As designers, we know achieving superior real world treatment outcomes requires more than just clinical results. We know that improving a person’s quality of life and fulfilling human needs are the forces which turn the barely-tolerable burden of medical management into something meaningful and integral to a person’s life.In this talk, the author details how […]