Ecosystems – from chaos to structure

Service Design is the right approach when working in complex spaces like Healthcare. A key method to evidencing this complexity is an ecosystem map. I will present tips, tricks and challenges to creating one, as well as a case study of one built to clarify the US Healthcare landscape for my colleagues.

Scaling for impact

An ageing population and staff shortages are among the factors causing major challenges in health and care delivery. To keep healthcare accessible now and in the future, a transformation is needed. Technology forms part of the answer. However, adoption of innovation in healthcare is lagging. How can healthcare organizations and health technology companies better understand […]

Three different ways to use patient journey mapping

In what different ways can you use patient journey mapping? The best client cases that have been practiced by Patient Journey Lab will be explained to you. These three different cases will make clear how powerful patient journey mapping can be. And how different possibilities will come to life. The cases are from: 1) the […]

MedGuide – The new simple way to get personalised information about your meds.

MedGuide is a new and simple tool to get fully personalised information about your meds, all by answering a few questions in as little as seconds. The use of advanced artificial intelligence technology gives users a new level of privacy and personalisation. MedGuide makes it easier than ever to be in the know about your […]

Conversational AI for the support of clients, caregivers and health professionals

Technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics are leading the way for tomorrow’s healthcare. Conversational AI is one of the technologies that in the future will make the lives of clients, caregivers and healthcare workers easier. It is based on natural language processing and enables written or spoken interaction between humans and machines. This way, […]

Design Your Life: Empowering the Neurodiverse with User-Initiated Design

UX designers mostly make products that have to be suitable for many people. Maybe even for everyone: one-size-fits-all. But not everyone is the same. What if you could put design tools in the hands of the users themselves? With those tools, they can create their own personal products: one-size-fits-one. In this presentation, I will show […]