How Service Design is helping to eliminate Hepatitis C

In this talk, I’ll demonstrate how Nuom was chosen to work with NHS England (and partners) in taking a patient-centred design approach to solving a population-level healthcare problem, where we uncovered critical insights that would help to create a much more effective service design. Techniques highlighted during the talk will include: Research Methodology – inclusive […]

Not all software products are regulated equally.

How can health care institutions and an organizations like Mayo Clinic move models from research to clinical practice? How can UX help with product realization and implementation of software as medical devices? This presentation will focus on regulatory activities involved in model development and how UX considerations similarly align to risk analysis and mitigation. Who […]

Scaling patient centricity in digital healthcare innovation with Research Operations

How do we ensure patient centricity when designing innovative digital healthcare solutions? ResearchOps supports involving patients in the product development lifecycle in each phase. This talk will reveal challenges and wins when establishing ResearchOps in the pursuit of evidence-based design to reduce risk when evaluating new ideas.

Championing innovation in healthcare: learnings from conducting UX research in academia

Academic research has informed many principles and methods in UX research which are used in a variety of settings. In fact, many academics are seeking to transition into industry roles in the hopes of better pay, progression, and opportunities to work in organisations that value their research staff. However, those transitioning out of academia are […]

Building behavioural design systems for healthcare

Healthcare outcomes can be notoriously difficult to design for, patients, providers and those within the health-system all have different needs, requirements and responsibilities. UX and Behavioural Science professionals therefore, have their work cut out to create meaning and impact in how they deliver and create value for many groups. In this back-to-basics talk, we’ll use […]

Building an all-inclusive digital health implementation approach in low and middle-income countries

Digital health implementation in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) requires an all-inclusive user experience approach to ensure that digital health solutions are accessible and usable by all stakeholders. An all-inclusive user experience approach involves designing digital health solutions that meet the needs of diverse users, including patients, healthcare providers, and policymakers, regardless of their literacy […]

Why delivering trustworthy digital health experiences matters more than ever

Whilst the digital revolution is transforming the healthcare industry, trust in digital health solutions remains a significant barrier to their adoption and goes way beyond security and privacy concerns. During this presentation, I will explore the nuances of building trust in digital health solutions and why it is becoming increasingly crucial that it is prioritised […]