Amsterdam Conference

18 - 19 June 2024

This conference will bring together designers, practitioners, clinicians, technologists and thought leaders linked by a common belief and a shared obsession: We can alter and improve our health care experience. From the food we eat to the tools we use and the hospitals and hospices we reside in, we can make a difference. We are looking to partner with speakers and sponsors that want to make a difference in Healthcare UX. A better healthcare experience is waiting on us.

Few Speakers

Wendy Johansson

Co-founder + Chief Product & Data Officer

MiSalud Health

Valentina Tortosa

UX Researcher and Functional Analyst


Miles Johnson

Experience Lead for AI & Innovation


Dr Alexandra Redmann

Senior AI Engineer

Y Digital

Dian Wessels

Product Design Lead


Danny den Hamer

Product Manager & SWE


Antonia Lorz

UX Strategist

Oracle Cerner

Angeliki Makri

Manager Experience Designer


Melissa Nguyen

Product Designer

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Beatrijs Van Hoof

Digital Product Designer