UX Healthcare
London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, USA, Australia & Europe 2021

Because better user experience can save lives.

UX Healthcare has been establishing itself as a leading global User Experience Healthcare Consultancy and Events Organising Company. We believe that a better and more holistic UX in healthcare is as crucial now than in anytime in history. Many still experience the strain of archaic healthcare systems that are stretched to breaking point with pervasive illness and viruses

Since being established in 2015, UX Healthcare has held events on 4 different continents, across multiple time zones and reached a diverse audience. Our goal is to help UX practitioners, clinicians and stakeholders improve the holistic patient experience. The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the need for patient-focused healthcare as well as shortfalls in the industry - urging for a dire transformation of the healthcare industry going forward. The UX Healthcare Consultancy strives to deliver user centric solutions leveraging UX, service design and robust research approaches. We aim to work with clinicians, designers & innovators to not only redefine an improved patient experience but also impact the world with more alternatives.


UX Healthcare Europe Online 18th February 2021
UX Healthcare USA Online 14th April 2021