User Centred Design (UXD) Healthcare London 2018 is a 2 day conference covering the latest and greatest in User-Centered Design in Healthcare.

Modern medicine is embracing the digital age, with may process becoming digitised and medical knowledge easily accessible, thanks to the world wide web.

With a global market worth approximately $135.9 billion, there are countless digital health projects happening across the world. Many different professionals are needed to work on digital health projects in multi-disciplinary team. These team will need members of the general public, clinicians and IT professionals, but also designers.

How people feel when using healthcare technology and services is just as important as how successful or useful they are. Solutions need to satisfy the needs of the general public, the healthcare professionals that serve them and any non-clinical individuals also involved. Designers and UX professionals will undoubtedly be a major part of these projects to ensure their needs are truly met.

2 days of inspirational and informative talks

This conference will bring together designers, practitioners, clinicians, technologists and thought leaders linked by a common belief and a shared obsession: We can alter and improve our health care experience. From the food we eat to the tools we use and the hospitals and hospices we reside in, we can make a difference. We are looking to partner with speakers and sponsors that want to make a difference in Healthcare UX. A better healthcare experience is waiting on us.

  • 18 international experts on healthcare UX
  • Giveways and prizes
  • 150+ delegates including clinicians, UX & IT professionals, project & programme managers and entrepreneurs.
  • Coffee/Tea refreshments
  • Lunch
  • Networking opportunity

We have World-Class Speakers sharing their knowledge and experience

Emily Underwood

Emily Underwood

Senior UX Consultant
Dr Gyles Morrison

Dr Gyles Morrison

Clinical UX Designer
Alastair Somerville

Alastair Somerville

Sensory Design Consultant
Acuity Design


Interested in UXD Healthcare London 2018?


If you would like to be a part of the conference as a sponsor, please complete the form below, or send an email to info@uxdhealthcare.com

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